Sysop Help

Sysop Help

Post by Robert Elsn » Wed, 09 Nov 1994 02:00:54

I am a sysop(sort of)  I was wondering if anybody could help me track
down possible trouble spots in security.  If you could help me out, please
e-mail me at:

Robert Elsner

Platte Canyon High School
Bailey, Colorado 80421


1. No directory /home/sysop error response. Plz help.

Hi, all of a sudden, I can't log into my linux box as anyone other than
root. My login sequence looks like this:


        going multiuser...

        Welcome to Linux 1.2.13
        neural login: <username-entered>
        password: <password-entered>

        last login: Mon Feb 13
        Linux 1.2.13
        You have mail
        No directory /home/username!   <where username is valid, eg sysop>

        Welcome to Linux 1.2.13
            <process repeats>

I've checked the relevant directory (eg /home and /home/username)
permissions and the file ownerships, etc and made them identical to the
file system of the local university system here and the problem continues.
Can anyone help? I've tried just about everything. It's a linux box on a
standalone PC and only root can log in now. Each of the 3 other users I've
created get this same error response. Also, I've tried to 'adduser' a new
user but with no luck. I'll include the boot messages which I think may
be helpful> I've had no problems with this system for 7 or 8 months until

        Partition check:
        hda1: multiple mode turned off
        hda : hda1
        hdb1: multiple mode turned off
        hdb : hdb1 hdb2 hdb3
        going multiser..
        Welcome to linux 1.2.13

Thanks for any help, David

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