Tiny shell source

Tiny shell source

Post by Hrvoje Niks » Tue, 08 Nov 1994 23:03:19

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Now this was tiny! :)

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1. Tiny shell script to chase symbolic links to true file name

Hi all.

I wrote this shell script to ease some aspects of Informix
administration. I am cross posting it because it has general use. Here
it is:
---------------------------- CUT HERE ----------------------------------
# truename - chase down theain of symbolic links to obtain the true
#            name of a file
# Parameters: Name of a file or a list of file names
# Author: Jacob Salomon

# Date:   August 12 1998

# Shell function chase1 - Chase 1 file name to its true name
# Parameter: The file name
chase1 ()

  # Get link name, if any. If there is no symbolic link, the loop
  # below will not need to start.
  ls -ld $PFN | awk '{print $NF}' | read link_name
  until [ "$link_name" = "$PFN" ]   # chase it until no further links
    PFN=$link_name                  # Reset for next round of loop
    ls -ld $PFN | awk '{print $NF}'|read link_name
  echo $link_name
for FN in $*
  chase1 $FN | read TN          # Get any name this file might link to
# echo $FN : $TN
  echo $TN
---------------------------- CUT HERE ----------------------------------
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