Help to write a script in korn shell

Help to write a script in korn shell

Post by Kurt J. Lanz » Sat, 27 Jun 1998 04:00:00

> Hi everyone,

> I'm new to writing a script in korn shell; therefore I do need your help. I
> plan to write a script which will do tar xvf filename.tar ( i.e this is the
> input file, in this tar file is a bunch of files starting with name like
> access01.gz, access02.gz ...access14.gz. 01, 02, ... 14 are the date of the
> month). After that I want to rename all access files to names like name-1_
> YY.MM.01.gz, name-1_ YY.MM.02.gz YY.MM.14.gz, and then I want to
> tar cvf bellsouth-1_DDMONTHYY.tar (DDMONTHYY means 24june98) name-1_
> YY.MM.01.gz, name-1_ YY.MM.02.gz YY.MM.14.gz. The following is the
> summary to what I described above

>   1) tar xvf filename.tar ( input file )  2) mv access01.gz
> name-1_YY.MM.DD.gz ( keep in mind that this is one file, but there are a lot
> of access files in it)  3) tar cvf name-1_YY.MM.DD.gz .....

> Your help is deeply appreciated.

Why do you need help? You seem to know exactly what you want to do.
Go and do it. Or is it that you don't know how to create *any* script?
In which case, go buy a UNIX book.