Max. length of Environment Variable Value Field

Max. length of Environment Variable Value Field

Post by Jame » Fri, 20 Aug 2004 21:17:37

    I want to know if there are any limitations of different shells
regarding the maximum length of value fields of shell variables.

I think there will be some limitations, but not sure.



1. c shell script; Howto use environement variables to build environment variables and take their value

In a script I wish to specify two environment variables like this;

setenv FOO bee
setenv ${FOO}_ROOT /home/bee

This is ok and will set "FOO=bee" and "bee_ROOT=/home/bee".

Now I wan't to build the "bee_ROOT" variable using "FOO" and use the
value in a expression, i.e. something like this;

source ${${FOO}_ROOT}/.cshrc

This will not execute. The error is "Variable syntax". It seems that
the shell cannot figure to evaluate the inner ecpression first and
then the outer. I have tried different combination of forcing
evaluation with '' and assigning to variable first etc, but with
little luck.

Any idea/explanation why this is not possible/what I can do instead?


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