tcsh's ctrl-c probls

tcsh's ctrl-c probls

Post by Lincourt Maximili » Wed, 21 Jul 1993 07:09:16

I'm using tcsh 6.03.00 (Cornell) 92/11/20 (iris4d) options 8b,dl

and have problem setting the ctrl-c to work as it should (stop programs!!)

I tried  :
   bindkey ^C tty-sigintr
   bindkey ^V^C  tty-sigint

but nothing,

        Any Help ?

                Maximilien Lincourt

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tcsh's ctrl-c probls

Post by Fuzzy F » Thu, 22 Jul 1993 09:08:00

Quote:>and have problem setting the ctrl-c to work as it should (stop programs!!)

Did you try "stty intr ^C"?

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tcsh's ctrl-c probls

Post by Amit Pat » Thu, 22 Jul 1993 06:24:39

   I'm using tcsh 6.03.00 (Cornell) 92/11/20 (iris4d) options 8b,dl

   and have problem setting the ctrl-c to work as it should (stop programs!!)

   I tried  :
      bindkey ^C tty-sigintr
      bindkey ^V^C  tty-sigint

   but nothing,

           Any Help ?

For the SGI tcsh, I had several problems --- the ~user wouldn't work;
the ^C and ^\ wouldn't work; and ^Z wouldn't do job control.  I
relinked with LIBES= -lcurses -lsun -lbsd -lc_s  in the makefile and
it seems to work now.

        Good luck!



1. Help with Term (ctrl-Z, and ctrl-c don't work!)

  I am presently using term version 1.11.  The remote computer is a NeXT.
My problem is that when the Linux machine is logged into remotely (ie.
telnetted into) ctrl-z and ctrl-c cause the system to hang.  The odd part
is the when ctrl-z or ctrl-c are envoked under joe (for example) they
function correctly.  I've examined the code and also fiddled with the
termrc, but to no avail.  Oh, BTW I'm going direct connect (no modem).
  Also, I've recently tried to install term (same version) on a RS6000
AIX system.  It works great (better than the NeXT. :-)).  Trsh, tmon, etc
all function correctly.  After I tredir the port (tredir 5678 23, to quote)
on the remote machine and try to login remotely (ie. telnet) the Linux box
buzzes (hard drive activity) and the remote telnet says the usual 'escape
character '^]'' stuff but then I get that the connection is closed.  I know
that it is not the fault of the Linux machine since the NeXT works doing this
,so...  If you need the exact model of the RS6000 machine I will check on
Monday.  I think that it has to do with the redir'ing the ports on the
RS6000, but I'm clueless.

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Thanks in advance.

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