some simple questions about shell

some simple questions about shell

Post by Li-Wan Ch » Tue, 06 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I has a SUN SPARC with SOLARIS 2.5 installed.  The deafult shell I use is
CSH.  I have some simple question about it.

1. How to check my current use shell (not default shell)?

  I can use "echo $SHELL" check my default shell.  If I change to another
shell, how to check it?

2. Where is CSH history file?

In my .cshrc, I has "set history=100".  Each time I type "history", the
return always empty.  In AIX there has a file call .history, how about
Solaris or BSDI UNIX?

Thank you for help.



1. simple question about shell command syntax

I have a simple question about command syntax in the Korn or Bourne shells.
Specifically, about the differences between the following commands:


. myscript

I notice that the first syntax does not do what I want it to do => namely,
to update any changes to variables, etc.

Does the . <space> syntax (as seen in the second command) imply an implicit
export for all variables declared or changed within the subshell that runs
the script?

I am more used to using tcsh, so I usually just use "source ./myscript" but
this does not appear to be valid in the ksh or bsh.



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