tutor needed

tutor needed

Post by bezawad » Mon, 07 Mar 2005 13:39:53

I am trying to familiarize/learn how to submit jobs to the supercomputer
clusters using Portable Batch System(PBS). In this regard i am looking for a
tutor who will help me with submitting my matlad codes to the cluster. I
think this will probably take about 2 hours. I am willing to pay
$10/hr.Please email me if you are interested:

Ram Bezawada

1. linux tutor (need one)


some may ridicule me.  accuse me of being an idiot.  assault my
intelligence.  point out my laziness.

oh well.  this is directed to all linux power users who have nothing but
time on their hands.  to those who live in bc, canada (preferably
vancouver), i would like to make you an offer.

i will pay 10 U.S. dollars/per hour to someone who is willing to teach me
linux in person, and will walk me through advanced setup.

it's great that newer distros are doing it for you, but i want to know how
to do it the "old-fashioned" way.  eventually, i too, would like to be able
to setup linux on any pc and get it running.

so, 10 U.S dollars/per hour to teach a lazy, fatass how to work linux.
and... if you teach me well, and i'm actually at a point where i'm
comfortable with it, i'll end the lessons with hundred dollar bonus.

if that's too cheap for you, too bad.  i'm not made of money, and i don't
want to spend 500 dollars on a college course.

good day,


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