Gui on a shell?!?

Gui on a shell?!?

Post by Kevin Land » Mon, 02 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I have a friend at a Univ. who has access through a unix shell. What
is the program needed to give a gui look to this and allow the use of
winsock apps? Thanks.

1. GUI for editing ASCI text files in a Unix shell?

I'm tired of trying to cope with vi and emacs to do simple text editting
of raw ascii files.  I would really like to be working in a graphical
environment to the UNix shells if possible.  At the University I use
NextStep GUI to the Net.  In fact, I am so spoiled that when I'm left
using unix commands in a UNIX "box" over my modem from home, I find that
I am wasting more time using things like ls,chmod, vi, etc. repititiously
all night long.  And I can't remember where in the root filesys
everyth9ing is:  Please help?

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