prompt (was Re: .plan file)

prompt (was Re: .plan file)

Post by Q. Alex Zh » Wed, 18 Jan 1995 00:53:01

] I can't believe people are still doing this.  For every 'cd' command,
] you are executing 5 other commands....sheesh...  Just let the shell
] take care of it for you.  Add the following to your .bash_login or .login:
] bash:   Host=$(uname -n | cut -d. -f1)
]       PS1="$Host:\w >"

Or for Z-shell (zsh): in ~/.zlogin

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1. Name pipe files and finger .plan files...

I read with interest in the FAQ file here, the suggestion about using a name
pipe (made with mknod) in regards to finding, and possibly using the name of
the person fingering you in a plan file. However, the FAQ just brushes on the
idea and looks more at how to find remote user names.

Would some kind soul(s) be willing to explain to an intermediate shell user/C
programmer how to receive a (local, or perhaps remote) users name when
fingered and possibly how to show that name in the .plan file (ex. "Geez, Jo
Blow sure is nozy...").

Oh, some assumptions to answer: running SunOS 4.1 with BSD. Name pipes are
allowed with mknod and it appears fingerd will accept them as .plan files.

Please email responses to me, as I don't get to this group often, and this is
a pretty FAQish question.  Thanks in advance for any help.


James Miller

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