REXX for Unix

REXX for Unix

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Since there are three free versions of REXX for Unix, some of you may be
interested in the next REXX Symposium.  We hope to have another discussion
of REXX, Perl, and other scripting languages.  Please distribute the
following information:

Announcement and Call for Participation

REXX Symposium for Developers and Users
18-20 May 1993
San Diego, California

The REXX Symposium provides a forum for information and ideas and an
opportunity to interact personally with others interested in using and
enjoying programming in REXX.

The Symposium consists of plenary sessions and parallel sessions for papers,
status reports, and review talks.  Presentations focus on using REXX on a wide
variety of computing platforms and operating systems.  Of particular interest
are unique applications, REXX tools and function libraries, REXX interfaces
with other languages, user support, and education.  Author Mike Cowlishaw and
other implementors will be present and participate in the sessions.

Abstracts of proposed contributions should be clear and about one page long.
Talks will 20 to 45 minutes.  A paper may be submitted for a poster
session (that is, pages of paper pinned to a wall to be read individually).

Please send the abstract by 1 December 1992 to

                       Cathie Dager
                       P.O. Box 4349, MS 97
                       Stanford, CA  94309  USA

Contributors will be informed of acceptance no later than 1 March 1993.
Symposium proceedings will include all invited talks and contributed papers.

Special hotel rates have been negotiated for this Symposium if reservations
are made through Village Travel in Palo Alto, CA by 1st April 1993.

Fee schedule:
     Conference    --  US$300 includes 3 meals, socials, proceedings
     Lodging/Night --  US$85  single or double

Registration is required.  The registration fee is due in advance, payable
in cash or check, net US$300 in US funds.  To register for the Symposium,
reserve a room, and make travel arrangements, please contact:

                       Village Travel
                       REXX Symposium
                       69 Town and Country Village
                       Palo Alto, CA  94301  USA
                       1-415-326-0510  fax 1-415-326-0245

Please send questions to any member of the program committee:

---> the opinions expressed are mine alone and not necessarily those
     of SLAC, Stanford University or the DOE
---> REXX for DOS, OS/2, Windows, NT, Mac, Amiga, Tandem, Unix, VM, MVS, TSO


1. XEDIT and REXX for UNIX

I apologize if this is an FAQ on any of the lists.
I am interested in any versions of REXX and/or XEDIT for Unix (SunOS 4.1.2)
either freeware, shareware or commercial.  Please reply to me privately.
I will summarize for the lists if appropriate.

Thanks in advance,

John Pesek

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