tcsh 8bit bindkey syntax?

tcsh 8bit bindkey syntax?

Post by Duane Fowl » Thu, 16 Jun 1994 04:03:27

With the old "bind" command you could specify meta bindings using
M-<char>, so your .tcshrc wasn't filled with

        bindkey \nnn function

lines, and you didn't have to figure out what sequence was represented by \nnn.

Is there something similar for "bindkey"??  I can't figure it out if there is,
and the man page doesn't say anything about it.



1. tcsh not reading bindkey from .cshrc

Well I can't figure it out, I restart my shell and my keybindings are gone.
If I implicitly source .cshrc it works though. Which is *wierd* in -v mode
it shows its reading all my settings in .cshrc

Thamer Al-Herbish

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