Word too long after login? Please Help

Word too long after login? Please Help

Post by Syd Poulto » Fri, 13 Jun 1997 04:00:00

        I am creating standard csh environments and am finding that
after the cshrc has been sourced "word too long" is reported when using
which. This tells me there is something woring with the path. Can
someone help?

Thanks in advance,
Syd Poulton


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 I have being trying to set-up a user name (log in) and a password for
my ftp site, so far no luck.
i added a user and give him a pw, so far this part was ok. when i log in
to my ftp with this user and p/w it logs in ok but i'm able to go
outside my ftp folders to /etc. or where ever i want to go.
i have log on to other ftp sites and was just able to go to /pub and no
place else.

I have Mandrake 6/0 install and using kBeroFTPD.
 What are the steps on setting up a log in name and a p/w .
 Is there a good how to on doing this.
Could some help me out on setting this up right with a set by set note
on doing this.

Newbie on this.

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