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1. Bourne Shell compatible shells (was: Request: which shells)

Me too :-)

I also had some problems with smail and make depend. Don't remember how I
fixed them.

I also detected two other problems with bash 1.12:

 - it wouldn't run the Configure script of trn 3.0 (beta). This will be
   fixed in bash 1.13, but the Configure script has already changed so that
   it works with bash 1.12 too.

 - it does something wrong with passing $* from other shell scripts which are
   included by the `.' command. I detected this when INN 1.4 rejected all
   newgroup messages.

The pdksh I have (4.7) is absolutely unuseable for running Configure
scripts. Try the following script with pdksh 4.7 with two or more parameters:


Zsh gives also problems with Configure scripts.

I use tcsh as interactive shell and bash as /bin/sh substitute because bash
is the more-or-less Bourne shell compatible shell which runs most of the
(Configure) scripts I have.  Running Configure scripts (sometimes >100Kb) is
a real good test for testing /bin/sh compatibility of shells.



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