Im desperate for new internet access :)

Im desperate for new internet access :)

Post by DoD » Thu, 25 May 1995 04:00:00

Hi all!

 Im currently using a freinds unix accoutn to post this message!

  This is my situation..

   Im really needing a new internet connection.

    My current connection is in my very small town and all it allows me is

    to telnet out, use e-mail, and SOMETIMES, yes SOMETIMES chat wtih others :)

     It is a very poor setup!  

      What im asking is.. are there any sites that offer free net access, or net

      access for a reasonable price? - preferablly somewhere i can telnet too ..

       I have been on a few sites that offer access for free for a short period of

       time.. but nothing i have found interesting yet!

        Please mail me responses in private at:

          ps - sorry for the poor spelling etc etc, i had to do this in a ver


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