how to handle usig csh scripts from within bash/sh scripts?

how to handle usig csh scripts from within bash/sh scripts?

Post by Brian S Hile » Fri, 01 Mar 1996 04:00:00

: How do the experts deal with having a set of csh scripts made up of
: lots of setenv ... statements & the need to be able to utilize these
: scripts while in non-csh shells?  Is there a tool to convert these
: setenv statments to sh/bash syntax?  I wish that a sub process could
: modify its parent's env space - using #!/bin/csh at the start of the
: script would then make the answer trivial.  Please email any solutions

The perfect tool for you is: /usenet/comp.sources.unix/volume13/korner/*
It duplicates a csh environment into kornshell.

Also: it is possible for a child to modify it's parent's environment; I
do it all the time. Simply write out the variables ("set" command approp-
riately munged, or "setenv" command), etc, to a file, and "source" this
file back in the parent.

Also: there was a nawk script by Daniel Zepeda on Usenet a while ago
that did an acceptable job of turning "csh" source into "ksh" source.
I have a hardcopy that I would either need to type back in, or hopefully
an email address so that you could elicit him for it. Please email me
if you are interested in this.

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