extracting fields

extracting fields

Post by zachary bro » Sun, 24 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I posted awhile ago asking for suggestions on how to extract
multi-line fields that are separated by 5 newline characters. I found
the following one liner that does it:

cat ${1} | tr '\n' '_' | sed s/_____/^/g | tr '^' '\n' | grep "${2}" |
tr '\n' '^' | sed s/"\^"/"_____"/g | tr '_' '\n'

Does anyone know any simpler/faster/more elegant way to do it?



1. Extract fields from records with complicated structure


I would like to come up an efficient way to extract certain fields
from a binary record:

This record has 700 possible layouts, each layout has a structure code.
The record's average size is 130 bytes.
Each record can have different number of fields, it is decided by its

Also, some layouts are decided by a nested if-else-then rules.

Does anyone have any similar experience to deal with this records?

How to make the lookup part of extraction efficient?

Any help or pointer will be appreciated!


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