cgiparse OR uncgi - which is 'best'?

cgiparse OR uncgi - which is 'best'?

Post by psc » Sun, 15 Dec 1996 04:00:00

They both perform similar functions, yes? If they differ, in what way -
and does one have any inherent advantages over the other? Examples?

Thanks for any experienced thoughts -

CGI Newbies :-)


1. What's the best 'bundling' program available?


I was wondering if anyone can suggest a program that would work
equally well under VMS and UNIX that would bundle files together
without compressing them. I have looked at tar and zip (the one that
resembles Philip Katz's pkzip), and unless I have overlooked something,
I didn't see an option for turning off compression.

All that is necessary is to bundle files into one large file fast but
with an ability for the bundling program to extract stats from the
archive (stats == 'ls -lR' in UNIX or 'dir/size/date' in VMS).

Please reply by email.



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