bash autologout

bash autologout

Post by Fran?ois LESA » Sat, 03 Nov 2001 23:35:02


I have a problem with my bash (BTW, I have the same problem using tcsh): it
 automatically logs out after about 130 minutes of inactivity, though a
 program is running and displaying data on standard output.

Tech info: Linux Debian 2.2 (kernel 2.2.17), bash 2.03.01 (the one given by
 default with my distrib)
Both under X11 or console ...

 Under bash, I tried to set the TMOUT variable to -1, but this did not
  change anything. (anyway,this variable was not set when I experimented
  the first problems).

( Under tcsh, I specified "unset autologout" in my .cshrc, no effect either)

I also tried setting DISPLAY to a non null value...(think I read somewhere
 this could work, at least under X11)

At this time, I am a bit lost... Can someone help me to run some codes a bit
 more longer than two hours?

Thanks a lot,
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Is there a proper fixed bash on any of the FTP sites out there?

I know there bash is on the usual sites but I don't know if they are
bugged or not :(




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