Box/server needed

Box/server needed

Post by Pokemonclubhui » Mon, 23 Jul 2001 09:47:11


MPHKNet needs a box or server to continue his free services.
Please donate one.


1. Need help on Raidzone NAS box (linux-based) as NFS server to Solaris

Hi !  

Need some one with experience on Raidzone NAS box.  We had performance
problem and could not solve it.  This Raidzone box is used as NFS
server and we got a
lot of Solaris 8 clients.

When we used the gigabit ethernet to connect to 3COM 4300 switch with
module.  There was a lot of collisions and performance was very bad.
After we
use the 100Base-T of the Raidzone box and connect to a regular switch
port.  It
worked better.  But, still some problems when we used some commands
like :  "cp
-R" or "tar cf - . | ( cd newdir; tar xf -).  If we just used simple
cp, tar, dd
and etc.  The performance was OK.  

We also had problem  with CAD packages such as Cadence tools (like
Layout tools)
and etc.  Thanks for anyone who can give me a hand on this.  

Is there any problem between Raidzone's gigabit ethernet and 3COM
4300's gigabit
module port ?  Or any one has luck with Raidzone's gigabit port and
switch of
any other vendor ?  

your help.

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