Problems with tcsh on DEC Alpha?

Problems with tcsh on DEC Alpha?

Post by Paul E. Jon » Fri, 12 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to compile tcsh 6.06 on Digital Unix 3.2.C but have a problem with
"set correct = complete" and "set correct = cmd" in the ~/.tcshrc file.  When
this line exists and one executes the following command:

bindkey | grep com

One *often* gets the following (or other incorrect) output:

Suspended (tty output)
[1] 22508 8860

This problem does not exist on other platforms I've compiled it on and might
be easily corrected.  Has anyone successfully been ported this program to
3.2.C and used this variable?


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I installed tcsh-6.04, got from Cornell.  It works except
two problems.   The first one is that, when using pipe
(such as "ls -ls | less"),  sometimes (not always) the two
jobs are suspended.  I recall that several people complained
this before, but I haven't seen a solution patch yet. Another
problem is that, whenever I invoke cxterm or hztty (two
utility programs displaying Chinese text on X window),  
A warning message:

      Warning: no access to tty (not a typewriter).
      Thus no job control in this shell.

always shows up. This means that I could not interrupt jobs
any more.  Invoking cxterm or hztty under ksh is ok.

A related problem is that  cxterm could not compile on
Alpha. I had to use mx to convert my old Ultrix cxterm.
The C compile complained about a field in an X11 data
structure is undefined (I can supply the detailed message).
Anybody successfully compiled cxterm on Alpha?

Hints are appreciated and happy holidays.


P.S.:  I apologize in advance for posting English in

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