Multi-line command substitution (csh)

Multi-line command substitution (csh)

Post by Equation M » Fri, 16 Sep 1994 14:54:16

I have a very long command in a csh script that produces, in stdout, a
series of csh commands. I'd like to have the shell substitute the stdout
from the first command into the script, like:
does for short commands.

My big command is formatted as such:

It produces the correct output (I have checked this) but when I attempt to
put the whole thing between ` signs, it loses track of them, giving the
message "Unmatched `."
There are no other ` signs in the command that could confuse it.
Somehow the backslashes are getting lost...? How can I fix it?
You must help me, the only response I can get from the local guru is "ksh
could do it." If you love your shell as much as the argument on this group
would indicate, give me a way to say back to him "csh can do it better".

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Kelly Uehling
Mid-West CAD, Inc

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