tcsh - complete command

tcsh - complete command

Post by Can Adam Albayra » Wed, 20 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Hello tcsh-experts,

I have just discovered the nice command "complete". When I write

                  complete vi 'n/*/f:*.{tex,ps}/'

the shell only expands files with the suffix .tex or .ps .

But I want to give a priority list of file name suffixes like
   (1) .tex
   (2) .ps
   (3)  <anything else>
with the meaning: if there is a file with the suffix .tex and another
file with the suffix .ps then take .tex . If there is no file with the
suffix .tex but some with the suffix .ps then take the one with .ps .
If there are no files with the suffix .tex or .ps then use `normal'

I have read the man page but I found no hint to solve my problem.

Any suggestions?



1. "complete" command in tcsh


I'm having a bit of trouble to get complete in tcsh to do what I want:

complete cd 'p/1/d:^CVS/'

I want this to mean "complete cd with directorys but skip those named CVS".
It doesn't work though, could anyone shed som light on this?

Any help appreciated!

version tcsh 6.04.00 (Cornell) 93/07/03 (sun4) options 8b,nls,dl,al

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