re bash script help

re bash script help

Post by Dr. Yuan Li » Sun, 13 Apr 2003 15:24:39

> Have tried both suggested scripts to convert
> wave files to mp3 .
> **********************
>  #!/bin/bash
>   for i in *.mp3; do
>     mpg321 --w - "$i"  > `basename $i .mp3`.wav
>   done

> script error "basename:  too many arguments"

> It would seem to be caused by long filenames with spaces
> enclosing the name in quotes is a cure but that would require
> a loop script too.

( would be more appropriate.) I don't quite see what's
wrong with `basename "$i" .mp3`.wav; what do you mean by require a loop
script?  You are already using a loop, do you mean to eliminate for

Yuan Liu

Quote:> ********************
> for I in *.mp3
> do
>         mpg321 --w - $I  >  ${I%.mp3}.wav
> done

> script error "ambiguous redirect"
> file lengh has no effect on this one

> ******************
> any suggested mods


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I have no bash script skills at all

I want to convert collection of mp3 files
to wave or cdr
Using a script ripped off from the cdwrite howto ( below )
the result is a wave file with two extensions "file.mp3.wav".
Obviously I want only ".wav".

The "correct" script would be appreciated.


for I in *.mp3


        mpg321 --w - "$I"  > "$I".wav



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