+ RCS + oops, I can't check-in after a rcs -u command

+ RCS + oops, I can't check-in after a rcs -u command

Post by Bart Hendri » Sat, 16 Dec 1995 04:00:00


I am programming together with someone and to update files we use RCS
to keep track of previous releases. The other person locked a file
which I was about to edit, so I tried to unlock it with the command:
rcs -u filename.
However the file was not group owned, so asked to make it accessible
by changing the mode of the file with : chmod 664 filename.
Then I started editing, I corrected some errors and then I wanted to
check-in this file with the command: ci filename, however this is not
accepted, also not when the other person is doing this.

Any help would be appreciated, moreover a faq or any
information on the net on RCS would be welcomed as well.



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