Software Administration Survey

Software Administration Survey

Post by David Ko » Thu, 10 Jul 1997 04:00:00

If you are a system administrator, I need your help.  I am
giving a keynote at the USENIX Large Scale System Administration
of Windows NT Workshop in August and need some input from

I have prepared a survey which contanis questions about
administration of UNIX verses Windows NT, and I would appreciate
it if you could take a few moments to fill it out.
The survey can be found at:

Thanks for your cooperation.  If I get a significant number
of respondants, I will present the results at this conference.

David Korn
David Korn


1. Solaris 9 Certification Survey: System and Network Administration!!!

Solaris 9 Certification Survey: System and Network Administration!!!

You can receive up to three FREE Solaris 9 Certification beta vouchers
by completing one or more surveys on the following exams:

- Sun Certified System Administrator Part I
- Sun Certified System Administrator Part II
- Sun Certified Network Administrator

Your participation in this quick survey will help us focus the exams
on areas most critical to your job role. By identifying the critical
testing objectives, the survey will allow us to create an exam that
truly measures a person's knowledge and skills to perform the job

WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE: System and network administration
professionals that have recognized expertise in Solaris and Networking
theory and operations.

If you have these requirements, please write to:

Please write "Certification Survey" in subject line and indicate the
survey of your choice along with your full name and e-mail address.

Thank you,
The Certification Team
Sun Microsystems

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