Passing commands thru a shell script

Passing commands thru a shell script

Post by Gary Gladn » Thu, 21 Jul 1994 23:07:09

I am trying to write some shell scripts on a OSF1 machine and I cannot seem
to pass a exit command thru the shell script to exit out of TCSH and get back
to C shell.  As one might guess I am fairly new to the Unix enviroment.  

gary gladney


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         I have written a shell script 1............and internally its
calling another shell script 2........input to  redhat specific
chkconfig command... which executes and builds links in bootstartup
scipt directories (rc.d).

Actually i needs to pass a variable $DIRECTORY  of my command available
( can hard code but i am
setting it in the 1st script) to the 2nd script how to pass that... As
the setting is happening before the calling of
shell script2, i just tried like putting  echo "$DIRECTORY" into the 2nd
shell script, which is not working is there
a way to get the functionality.

/sbin/chkconfig "shellscript2"

echo "$DIRECTORY"     <------put to see whether getting the value here
or not..

$DIRECTORY   -c ntp.conf          <------if it is so ,  i could use like


office ph: 091-40-3607619

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