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I want to either edit the .profile of a particular user, or edit the
script that executes upon logout of unix (i don't know what this
script is).  My intention is to somehow add a nohup to the environment
such that EVERY process that the user creates, gets executed as a
nohup non-terminating process even after the user logs out.
   The trick here is to not make the user have to enter "nohup
command&" every time.  Just "command&" .
    Thanks in advance.  :)

1. When is NOHUP not NOHUP?

Hello world,

When connecting to remote servers (Solaris/ksh) we set the
environment up for 'nohup' and start our multi-hour job
(redirecting stdout/stderr to a file) in the background.

Should that window 'disappear' (due to network instability)
then the job dies; should we just 'logout' the job keeps

Our understanding is that nohup and redirecting stdout/stderr
and backgrounding should keep the job alive regardless.

Incidentally there is no 'tee' command in the script.

% nohup pt_shell -f ../scripts/ > m12_master.log 2>&1 &


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