cut/paste problem: dtksh vs ksh93

cut/paste problem: dtksh vs ksh93

Post by Postgres Databas » Thu, 05 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Hi folks!

I use Sun Sparcs, and cut/paste via left/middle mouse buttons.

In ksh93 (Version M-12/28/93d), theres no problem.  However, dtksh
(Version M-12/28/93) gives problems: only a character or two are

What's the reason, and is there a solution?  I have some machines
without ksh93, so it will be nice to fix this problem in dtksh.

Thanks much!


1. Cut/Paste PRIMARY vs CLIPBOARD buffer in dtterm / hpterm


    I am in the process of getting all of our users onto CDE on HPUX
from VUE. One of the big issues that I see is some difference in
functionality between dtterm and hpterm in how the cut and paste
operations are handled.

    I have done a fair amount of research and now know that I can put
"translations" in .Xdefaults to alter the way that the buffers are
handled. I've seen a few examples of how this the translations should
look, but none specifically to handle this scenario.

    Is there anyone out there who can help me out? Specifically, here
are the issues we have:

1) With hpterm, if I select text and then unselect, the selected text
remains in the buffer until I select something else and can be pasted.
With dtterm, as soon as the text is no longer selected, the buffer is
cleared and I can't paste it. I am strictly talking Button 1 selections
not Edit->Copy.

2) With hpterm, if I place the cursor before some text and press button
2, all text from the cursor to the end of line is pasted. With dtterm,
and edit menu appears when button 2 is pressed.

Now, some of you would probably say "just use freakin' hpterm and get on
with life!" While that sounds good, the real question is how long will
HP continue to support hpterm since dtterm and CDE are now the standard?

Besides, since I know this can be done I'd like to have the option
available to give users who want it. Also, From what I've found on the
web, this same type of problem seems to have occurred a lot over the
years for various terms and applications.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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