Wildcard characters and rc

Wildcard characters and rc

Post by David Douthit » Fri, 27 Jul 2001 21:58:02

I've been trying out the Plan 9 shell rc, and have a question.  I know
the problem but not how to fix it.  Here's the trouble...

In ksh, I can do the following (with the *.list file being a list of
filenames with some wildcards included):

# tar cvf - $(cat var/lib/lrpkg/foo.list) | gzip -9 -c - > foo.lrp

...(is that a Useless Use Of Redirection? :-)

This works as expected... now in rc, the first attempt is:

; tar cvf - `{cat var/lib/lrpkg/foo.list} | gzip -9 -c - > foo.lrp

...which fails, as expected (by experienced rc users, anyway).  The
reason is ksh scans the output of the cat command, and converts the
wildcards to filenames, whereas rc does not.  Thus tar complains of not
being able to find files by the name of "var/lib/lrpkg/foo.*" for
example, whereas under ksh tar never sees this name, as it's been
replaced by the names of the actual files.

However - my question: how do you do this under rc so that it works?


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