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A few months ago, I posted a message concerning the availabity of
version 0.9 of rc, with a hopeful message about releasing rc 1.0 Real
Soon Now.

Well, the day is here. rc-1.0 is available for anonymous ftp from
archone.tamu.edu ( in pub/rc. The compressed, shar'ed
archive takes up about 73k. It is also available in "yabba" .Y format.

As always, I honor personal email requests for copies of rc, but I
would ask you to please make the effort to find rc somewhere else
first; I get a lot of these requests.

Here are the first few lines of rc's man page, in case you have no idea
what I'm talking about:

RC(1)                    USER COMMANDS                      RC(1)

     rc - shell

     rc [ -eixvld ] [ -c command ] [ arguments ]

     rc is a command interpreter and programming language similar
     to  sh(1).  It is based on the AT&T plan 9 shell of the same
     name.  The shell offers a C-like syntax (much more  so  than
     the  C  shell),  and  a  powerful mechanism for manipulating
     variables.  It is  reasonably  small  and  reasonably  fast,
     especially when compared to contemporary shells.  Its use is
     intended to be interactive, but the  language  lends  itself
     well to scripts.

etc. etc.

Byron Rakitzis


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