detecting idle processing/logins

detecting idle processing/logins

Post by Brent Webst » Sun, 23 Jan 1994 07:54:34

I've have a server with limited resources as well as users telneting into the server and
Xwindowing back to their node.  That's ok but some of them don't like to logout.
I'm currently parsing the outputs of the ps and finger commands using csh/awk, checking
for idle process/logins then sending * messages using rwall.

Is there a cleaner method?

Please reply via email, my new administrator has his finger on the rm button.

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1. how to detect if process is a remote login?

I'm posting this for a colleague who does not have posting access -


Jeffrey Johnson


I am attempting to detect within a C program if the current process
resulted from a remote login. So far I have found nothing better than
checking the owner of the process vs the owner of "/dev/console".
However this method becomes confused if someone sitting at a
console terminal does an "su". Does anyone know of a better approach?




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