Problem compiling tcsh on a i486

Problem compiling tcsh on a i486

Post by Heiko Ploe » Thu, 27 Jan 1994 03:14:22


I'm trying to compile tcsh 6.04.00 on a i486 running Interactive unix (it's a systemV 3.2).
There are only 2 warnings at the compilation but they seem not to be serious.
At the end every thing runs good, but I have no job control. Is there anybody who can give me
some hints. I'm compiling with cc (I have no gcc).
Or is there anybody who has done this before.

Thanks in advance  Heiko


1. Please help on problem compiling i486-linuxaout on ELF

I've just moved my system to ELF and everything works great. However, every
time I compile with gcc -b i486-linuxaout, I get the message:
    undefined reference to '_xstat'
All I know is this is a function defined in /usr/include/sys/stat.h
Please help if you know what is going on. Any info/pointer is welcome.


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