'sh' script spawning Sun 'cmdtool' running program

'sh' script spawning Sun 'cmdtool' running program

Post by Wade Guthr » Wed, 11 May 1994 08:29:27

Actually, its more complicated than I could get into the subjet line.
I have a Bourne shell script that is spawning a Sun command tool
running a program.  The program has command-line arguments (this works
when the command-line arguments are removed).  I want the command tool
to remain after the program stops running (so I can examine its
output).  I would expect that I would have to use the '-I' option to
the command tool (but this doesn't work).  The shell script looks
(abridged) like the following:

        #! /bin/sh -f

        # set 'debug' based on command-line arguments

        # *** START THE SOFTWARE ***

        cmd_window=" cmdtool"

        invoke=" -I \"hmon -d $debug\""
        command="$cmd_window $invoke"

        echo COMMAND: $command
        $command &

The 'echo' types 'COMMAND: cmdtool -I "hmon -d 50"', just like I'd expect
(and, when run on the command line of a Bourne shell, works perfectly).
But, the script causes a command tool to appear with the following

        50":  No such file or directory

How can I do what I'm trying to do?


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