HELP - parsing text file as input to script - HELP

HELP - parsing text file as input to script - HELP

Post by GuessW » Thu, 23 Jun 1994 08:32:31

UGH! - I really need a hand

I'd like to write a script (under tcsh or sh) which would read
sequentially each line of a text file, set 2 environment variables,
do an flscmd (from FSP), and finally record in a log-file that either:

a- the server did not respond
b- the server did respond (and record an 'ls' of /)

The env. variables which need to be set for EACH entry in the text file:
(and therefore each loop in the script)

FSP_DIR (Always equal to /)

The format of EACH line of the text file would be:

HostNickName HostID HostPort



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How can I do this????

I have the file "lista.txt", and this file have the next information:
This files exist in the same directory that "list.txt", I would like to
copy this files to other directory

Using Windows the batch file would be like this:  for /f "tokens=*" %i
in (list.txt) do copy "%i" destdir\

How can I do something like that in REDHAT??

Best Regards

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