Help With Bash

Help With Bash

Post by Jerry Alexandrat » Tue, 31 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Is there any way to keep track of a list of people that log on and off a
system similar to tcsh's "set watch" command under bash?

Thanks in advance...


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1. Help with .bash files


        First of all, I want to say how happy I am with linux.
I have been using and maintaining Sparcs for a few years now, and
I had bought a 486 last summer, hoping to be able to have
unix, and a windowing system for it. I was betting
on things like SCO, and Solaris, when I heard of Linux. (Thanks Ed).
So I installed SLS ( I am quite impressed with the whole
distribution set. It is easier than suninstall...:-) .

So, I am the proud user of a linux PC, running X11 in
800x600 mode. I read the FAQ, and I still have two questions.
One of them is about Xterm. I am running bash. When I go
into X, all my xterms ignore the .bashrc, or .bash_profile
or .profile files. Does anyone know why?
One way I got around it was to use /bin/bash -login, and
then it reads .bash_profile. However, once I read my
dot file, I can't successfully type xterm anymore, I get the following
xterm: unable to find usable termcap entry.

still, xterm from the twm menu works.

So what am I doing wrong?

Second problem is that my clocks on my "infamous" Diamond
card is not found until I run DOS, MSWindows in 800x600 first.
Then I do a soft reboot, get into linux. At this point, ttyS0 is not recognize
and I lose the mouse, so I have to shutdown, and use my "reset"
button, restart linux (without shutting off the computer), and now
I am ready for fun and games with X11 in 800x600 mode.

Well, all and all, I consider I have a working system.
Still, I would love to fix these little problems.

While I am at it, does anyone konw where xterm.1 is located
in the SLS release? I can't find it in /usr/man/cat1, or man1.

Feel free to e-mail any ideas/suggestions that could help me,
I will be glad to post a summary.


                        VIVE LINUX!!!!!!

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