*** bug in TkMan 1.3.4 -- use 1.3.5

*** bug in TkMan 1.3.4 -- use 1.3.5

Post by Tom Phel » Fri, 21 May 1993 02:48:33

There was a bug in TkMan 1.3.4 which affected first-time users.
Instead, use tkman-1.3.5.tar.Z at harbor.ecn.purdue.edu in /incoming
(not tkman-1.3.4.tar.Z in /pub/tcl/code).


1. Compare file modification date using tcsh built-ins

Is there any straightforward way to compare file modification dates
(i.e. which is older/newer) using tcsh built-ins?  I know ksh has the
"file1-nt" file2 and "file1-ot file2" operators for boolean expressions,
but I can't seem to find any relatively simple way of performing the
same comparision in tcsh, other than using sed/awk to extract the two
files' date fields from their "ls -l" listings and attempting to
lexographically compare two strings.

Ben West

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