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You gotta love vi :)

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1. Help: Server reboots on ":wq" in vi on SCO 4.2 !


We just made a server using a Pentuim 100 with Adaptec AHA-1542CP, HP 2 Gig
harddrive and a Wangtek 1.2 Gig tape backup. The server has 32 Megs of RAM.
To get SCO installed on it properly on it, we had to install a SCO provided
patch with seems to have worked properly.

Here's the problem. 90% of the time when I use vi and do a 'wq' the server
reboots. It does not crash, no panic, but as if somebody hit the reset button.
 I suspect hardware issue, but has anyone have any idea or experience as to
what has gone wrong?

Any help or feedback appreciated.


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