Missing ksh on Pyramid OSx?

Missing ksh on Pyramid OSx?

Post by Ms. Terry L » Thu, 09 Dec 1993 23:24:03

Is it possible for korn shell to be loaded on a system?  Is ksh not a
part of the OS operating system.  I am a contractor doing work on a
Pyramid super-mini running an old version of OS (1986), at least that is
what the man pages say.  I don't have any manuals, which is making this
task even harder, and whereis & find show nothing for ksh.

I'm lost....any help would be helpful.  I'm suppose to suggest which
shell would be the best for the task & layout the directory structure
(for security reasons) without knowing the capabilities of the system nor

Help Help!!!!

               | Ms. Terry Lee   Hyattsville, MD USA |



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If you are running ghostscript on a Pyramid DC/OSx box I would like to
hear from you.  (at the very least, it would let me know that it is
possible!).  The most success I've had so far is by making unix-gcc.mak
(after change CC=gcc to CC=cc), however the link complains about a
number of missing symbols such as t_open.

btw - I'm trying to build version 2.6.2 of GhostScript.

- Randy Galbraith
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