MS Office XP and *~

MS Office XP and *~

Post by <yos.. » Mon, 09 Jul 2001 11:44:46

It is somewhat off topic but not completely, so please bare with my rant!
A few weeks ago I installed MS Windows XP on my English Window98 at home.
The only thing I liked about XP was better Japanese support.  The thing I
hated most was Office did something to OS and now my keyboard behave
weird.  Some character are buffered, and I assume it tries to allow user to
input accented character.  It's useless for both Japanese/English, the
language I uses.  I tried to figure out way to turn off feature but
couldn't.  I am choosing US English 101 key, which sounded most plain
among all options.  So I decided to live with it.

Tragedy hit me today.  I was accessing Digital UNIX box using Tera Term
telnet client.  I wanted to clear backup files generated my editors
(filename~)  and typed

rm *~<cr>

My os buffered tilde, but did not buffer <cr>, ended up sending

rm *

I got messages like

save is directory
tmp is directory

I typed


and got echo of

unknown user l

I lost lots of jobs script which would take hours of my time (glad they
were recoverable...)  Ahhhh!

Well, thanks for listning.  I will cry a little more and find newsgroup of
whatever for windows to fix this.  If you have pointer for this I'd
appreciate it too.

yosuke kimura

yosuke kimura
Center for Energy and Environmental Resources
The Univ. of Texas at Austin, USA