WKSH - Korn shell w/Xwindows

WKSH - Korn shell w/Xwindows

Post by sys.. » Fri, 21 Feb 1992 00:58:04

I have recently come across a reference to wksh. This is Korn shell with
X Windows Support. I would like to get a copy of this along with documentation
and cost. If someone knows where I can find a copy it would be
appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Rick Mitterer                                   2550 Beckleymeade Ave., MS 1011
Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory       Dallas, Texas  75237


1. Windowing Korn Shell (wksh) source

We are looking for a vendor that is supplying the
windowing korn shell (wksh).  UNIX System Laboratories
sells source code to VARs who compile and resell
the product.  The COSE consortium, for example, has
a modified windowing korn shell included in its
suite.  We're looking for a more generic

Thus far, we have discovered the Acacia Computer
Agency, Inc. of Warren, NJ as one supplier.  Our
purchasing rules require that we try to find other
sellers and compare costs.  If anyone knows of
an alternative supplier, I would appreciate having
the vendor's name and address.

(By now I assume that most folks are familiar with
the windowing korn shell.  It allows X windows
applications to be developed from within a ksh.)
--Robert J. Vitello, Information Resources Coordinator
----Computer Science and Engineering Laboratory
----Herbert Dickerman Biomedical Research Library
----Scientific Visualization Studio

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