Running x.25 pad on console from startup

Running x.25 pad on console from startup

Post by Steve Bowma » Sat, 06 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I have an application that requires an x.25 pad (EICON CARD) to be running
on one of the consoles usally tty03. My problem is when I need to reboot the
box at 2..4am when a user calles me with a problem. I can ofcorse reboot the
box but I can't remotly startup the console pad. The question is can you
startup a hardware application to a console port from some sort of init

1. Any X.25 pad software and X.25 card run on Linux?

I'm looking for an isa X.25 card with pad software that will run
on linux. So far I've come across 2 such cards with pad software that
run under SCO, but nothing that will run on linux. Anybody use or
know of any such card plus software that runs on linux?

Paul Popper.

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