zsh patches?

zsh patches?

Post by Iain L » Sat, 22 Jun 1991 17:27:25

Can someone please post/send the lastest (ie. 2.00.03) zsh patches?




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zsh patches?

Post by kp » Sun, 23 Jun 1991 14:21:07

posting would be great.  i think i have 2.00.01, and tried to install
2.00.02 (is this the one with 6 patch posts?), but that version ate up
loads of CPU time and, i think, memory, really slowing down at least
my sun3 and possibly a sparcstation also, but i'm not sure about the
latter.  i had to back out of it because the entire machine was REALLY
SLOW.  i wonder if 2.00.03 fixes that problem?
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