shell functions

shell functions

Post by DA » Fri, 12 Aug 1994 09:27:56

When using functions in sh or ksh I've had to place the them at
the beginning of the script, so that the routine would be found.
Question: The man pages say that set -h will allow functions to
be located when required.. why doesn't this work? I'm running
solaris 2.3 with bourne scripts..



1. shell functions don't work the same when opening sub-shells


I've got a rather odd occurrance when I open a sub-shell for changes to
my environment.  In my .bashrc file I have some shell functions that
I've written to help make life easier for me.

One of these functions takes an option, -p, and then a pattern to search
for.  The pattern if found, is used in creating the sub-shell.  I have
it setup that the function always defaults to a specific type of pattern
if the -p option is not provided.

When starting a new shell all works as it should, but after exiting a
sub-shell and using this function again, the function completely ignores
the -p option and simply uses the default.  Can anyone shed some light
as to why for me?

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