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>Hi All,
>1) Where can I get the latest copy of tcsh?
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Hi All,

1) Where can I get the latest copy of tcsh?
2) Same for the VIM editor?

Regards, Tom

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1. /bin/tcsh vs /usr/local/bin/tcsh

I just rebuilt my box because i messesd up alot of the permissions, so this
time,  i made my user account that is member of wheel,  and then changed my
shell to /bin/tcsh instead of /usr/local/bin/tcsh ....  without thinking,  i
logged out,  and logged in as my user,  and ever since i cannot get back to
root...  nor can i change the shell for root....  If anyone has any
suggestions for me ..  (*i am already considering undergoing the 16 hr build
process for the machine again....*)    Please email me at

Vince Koski

Thanks in advance....
Version: 3.12
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O---- M(+) V PS+(+++) PE(+) Y+ PGP t 5 X R+++ tv+ b-(+) DI(+) D++
G e(*) h->++ r+++ y+++

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