misc questions

misc questions

Post by Ray » Wed, 10 Oct 2001 03:50:02

Hi there,
I've got some questions about unix, plz answer if possible to my email

Is it possible to install unix without man or other help resources and to
delete not-many-used commando's?
Does an X-server depends on a unix shell?
Does Gnome depends on fonts of the X-server?

I think you know what I want to do :-)

GreetZ: RayMax


misc questions

Post by those who know me have no need of my nam » Wed, 10 Oct 2001 05:49:12

Quote:>Is it possible to install unix without man or other help resources and to
>delete not-many-used commando's?


Quote:>Does an X-server depends on a unix shell?


Quote:>Does Gnome depends on fonts of the X-server?


Quote:>I think you know what I want to do :-)


okay, have a sig then


1. Misc questions on a Bully-free computer

I'm contemplating new hardware and have some questions that
I don't remember having seen answered in my many hours reading
newsgroups like this and web pages like Tom's Hardware.  I
admit that I haven't reasearched the Graphics questions, so
feel free to ignore those if you want.  I'm one of those Bully
Boycotters and have some uncommon considerations as a result
of wanting an uncommon CPU, motherboard chipset, and OS.

1) Do some "jumperless" motherboards require the use of MS-Windows
or MS-DOS to set up the BIOS?  Which ones?

2) The only ATX motherboards I've seen with non-Intel chipsets
have only two ISA slots.  Can I get sound cards and extra-I/O
cards with PCI interfaces?  Are they much more expensive than ISA?

3) Do ATX power supplies blow air into or out of the case?  Any
way to reverse it?  I want all my fans blowing air in thru filters,
even if it cools less efficiently (before things get covered with

4) Any problems running Linux with the latest SIS or VIA chipsets?
A couple years ago I read rumours that Linux ran slow with SIS.

5) Since Linux doesn't use the BIOS after boot, how is it possible
for Linux to work at all with non-Intel chipsets?  Do these chips
all emulate Intel chipset control regesters, etc?

6) Does Linux support parity or ECC memory?  (Memory is so cheap
now, I'm suprised this isn't more popular.)  If so, what happens
when Linux gets an error indication?  How is the user informed?
Are there popular protocals for handling memory errors such as
saving backup and working files before shutting programs down,
etc.?  Is there any means to report which memory is bad?  Is
there any means to work around bad memory like bad disk sectors?

7) Can integrated printer-scanners be used just as well as separate
printers and scanners under Linux?  When using any of these 3 types
of devices, will many features be missing (without writing my own
programs) which the supplied MS-Windows SW makes available?

------- Bully Boycott -----
8) Do the latest AMD CPUs still have the MS-Windows logo on them?
(In that case, Cyrix will do just fine for my needs.)

9) Just curious.  Do board makers or BIOS makers have to pay
Intel/MS licencing fees to implement PCI, PnP, or a BIOS?

10) When companies advertise using "Intel Inside" or "Designed for
Windows 95/NT" logos, do they pay Intel/MS or does Intel/MS pay
them or is it a "wash"?

------- Graphics -----
11) If I just want to run 2D X-Windows at 1280x1024x24bits, is there
any reason to have more than 4 Meg video memory?

12) Can I resonably expect Linux and/or SW running on Linux to take
advantage of AGP hardware in the next two years?

13) What's the best reasonably priced Linux-friendly video card for
running 2D X-Windows at 1280x1024x24bits (4 meg)?
How about 1600x1200x24bits (8 meg)?

14) Is there any reason to get a typical 3D video card for a pure Linux
machine?  I understand that the only 3D software on Linux for now
requires the rather rare OpenGL compatible hardware.  Is this correct?

Please don't try sending mail.  Thanks.

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