>>> Complete AIX-PS/2 Software and Manuals (BEST OFFER) <<<<

>>> Complete AIX-PS/2 Software and Manuals (BEST OFFER) <<<<

Post by S. Ala » Thu, 15 Apr 1993 01:19:49

        A friend of mine has a complete set of AIX-PS/2 1.2 software
        and manuals for sale. (latest edition with all bug fixes)

                Base OS
                Development tools (including C Compiler)
                Administration extensions
                X Windows / Motif
                TCP/IP - NFS
                PC simulator (DOS Merge)
                etc. etc.....

        (This software requires a PS/2 with 386 processor or higher,
        ample disk space and memory :-) it can coexist with dos and
        OS/2 on the same machine, and selectively booted at startup.)

        If you are interested email me your offer and I will pass
        it along. Keep in mind that the manuals and software fill
        up a 12x12x18 box so shipping is a consideration.

        (I had a $500 offer on this but the buyer backed out due to
        financial problems. that's why I am reposting)

        (Please include this message for reference)

                                                  (919)515-8063 (W)



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