Removing an SP Switch - Documentation needed

Removing an SP Switch - Documentation needed

Post by des10 » Tue, 13 Jun 2000 04:00:00

For a variety of reasons we have decided to remove the SP Switch from
our SP system.

I am trying to plan this work but I cannot find any definate articles
on how to proceed.  Surely we can't be the first people to attempt this?

All I am trying to check is:
1) if I delete/recreate the Frame object from the SDR and then re-
initialise the SDR will I have to re-enter all the information about
the nodes again?  Will any info (such as Additional Adapters or Volume
Groups) survive?
2) exactly how disruption this action will be - how many
reboots/customises will the nodes require.

All help (and comments) will be gratefully received.

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