Save Money on RS/6000 upgrades and servers

Save Money on RS/6000 upgrades and servers

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There are often discussions that metion the need for used RS/6000
equipment Optimus Solutions, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the
largest providers of refurbished RS/6000 servers and hardware in the
world.  We do business in over 50 countries and can deliver everything
from high-end Silver Wide Nodes, SSA disk and S70's to midsize MCA and
PCI boxes to memory, disk and CPU's for your existing boxes.

All of our equipment is carefully tested and inspected by our own
RS/6000 engineers. We can help you with configurating your system, and
can offer lease, rental and purchase options.

Our goal is provide exceptional service, while delivering a high quality
product at a great price.

You can reach us by contacting myself directly via telephone or email.
We look forward to helping you save money and get the best possible
solution for your business.

Contact info:
tel: 770-325-2838 (US)
fax: 770-325-2839 (US)

Reid SV

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1. RS/6000 error msgs (Was: Re: RS/6000 survey - will post summary)

[LANG=En_US]  ksh: kjj: 0403-016 Cannot find or open the file.
[LANG=C]      ksh: kjj: cannot open

[LANG=En_US]  0506-764 ln: /tmp: Cannot use this command with a directory.
[LANG=C]      ln : </tmp> directory

 Canonicalizing all the error msgs by assigning them numbers and more
verbose explanations isn't such a bad idea, but it will hardly make
the system usable by secretaries. It does nothing to prevent an
accidental "rm *" or hide the details of the filesystem from the user.
Secretaries will run Motif and shrink-wrapped applications in
which case they will probably never [want to] use Unix shells. And they
shouldn't need to.
 The big gain here will be made by IBM SEs who will now be able to
look up customers' complaints by the error number.

    I haven't heard about IBM shipping *anything* on a Powerstation
yet. You can buy SunOS 4.1 *today* which is B2 certified.
And AT&T is advertising System V/MLS which is B1
certified -- I don't know if it's shipping yet.
    If security is important to you, you sure don't want to go with
a measly C2 rated system.


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