Installing gcc on AIX 4.2, genattrtab dies

Installing gcc on AIX 4.2, genattrtab dies

Post by Bob Sha » Tue, 24 Dec 1996 04:00:00

When installing gcc on a freshly upgraded AIX 4.2 system,
genattrtab dies during the stage1 make.  

I'm using IBM's xlC compiler, which doesn't complain when
compiling genattrtab.c, but the resulting program "cores" after writing
the header (comment) lines to insn-attrtab.c .

I continued, successfully, by exporting the working directory,
NFS-mounting it from a 4.1.3 system, compiling it on that system
with gcc 2.7.2, then switching back to my 4.2 system and:
./genattrtab > insn-attrtab.c
touch stamp-attrtab

and then resuming the "make".

I haven't worked much with GNU products, but want to report this
in case others encounter it.  

I don't understand the problem well enough to report it to IBM
as an xlC bug, but I did search the IBM problem database on IBMlink,
without seeing anything similar.

I have the core file still, and can probably recreate the whole process.

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