Doing things manually (Was: Re: No root login on a NEW IBM RISC 6000)

Doing things manually (Was: Re: No root login on a NEW IBM RISC 6000)

Post by VRB.. » Sat, 27 Jun 1992 23:57:48

>>My $0.02-  I cut my teeth on BSD based systems, and it did take an effort to
>>get used to doing things differently under AIX.  However, by doing things
>>differently, they also had the chance to do things better.. While they
>>didn't succeed in all cases, I think they by and large did at least as well,
>>and in some things (filesystem, ODM) did much better.

>Then why is it that on our 3090 running AIX, it takes 1.5 _hours_ to
>fsck /var/spool/news?  (3380's) It takes _minutes_ on a comparable
>filesystem with SunOS and a measly 4/260.  (Without Sun's fast fsck mod.)
>That's a better filesystem?

No, that's a conventional Unix filesystem (probably badly tuned).
lwvanels is referring to AIX v3, which to date only runs on the RS/6000,
and which has a very different (dare I say "improved") filesystem

If you don't like spanning physical disks, run "chlv -u 1", or create the
partition with max of one physical volume.  You can make the LVM act
like a conventional filesystem manager (if you want) this way.

There have also been gripes about recovery using the logical volume mgr.
Those who lament the jam they get into if they lose a disk drive are,
IMHO, throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  They think it's a
great and wonderful thing to be able to span physical disks with a
filesystem as long as they never have a failure.  Then they go into a
panic because they don't have backup policies which guarantee that
they'll be able to recover their data.  Why blame that on the operating
system?  If their building gets burnt down, who will they blame the
data loss on?

From: Vance R. Bass                AIX Systems Specialist, IBM Knoxville

        Any resemblance between the above and the official IBM
                  position is purely coincidental.
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1. No root login on a NEW IBM RISC 6000

   We just got an IBM RISC 6000 530H and while browsing with it
for the first time I changed the shell command for the root in the
/etc/passwd file. From ksh to csh. However, when I now try to
login as root the machine comes up with the following error

3004-009 Failed running loging shell

and throws me back to the login prompt again. There're no new
users set-up in the system and I tried to login as sys, adm
or lp with no success. I know the machine can be set to single-user
mode however I don't know how to get into that mode whitout shutting
down the system. And to shutdown the system I have to login as root :-(
      Maybe there's a way to reboot the machine into single-user
mode or get into the prom somehow but the manuals don't say anything
about it and I already browsed through the whole info dbase ( available
on another RISC system we have) finding nothing that can give me a clue
to solve this problem.

Can anybody help ?

Thanks in advance for any reply,

Luigi Manna--

Los Angeles, California.

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